Hello World! This is Mike yonjan . And I m a creative fresher


Advertising Agency: Filingo Ad, Kathmandu, Nepal Creative Directors: Mike Yonjan, Prakash Silwal Art Directors: Mike Yonjan, Prakash Silwal Copywriter: Prakash Silwal Illustrator: Mike Yonjan Photographer: Prakash Silwal Additional credits: Bikash Lama Published: April 2010

I am a thinker. I create changes.

I am a thinker. I create changes.
Just a few sentences, just a few me.
Hypothesis of me……
I just have my present and presently digging a hole for my dead body in an advertising company (The Big Idea Company). Don't know what length of *%$@ I have that I got a chance to mess up with all other people over here. Anyway it's great to be in an advertising agency. I can experience the freedom of expression which I could have never felt in other field. Sometime back I felt like getting in as option only. Today, it’s a passion for me tomorrow it’s a career I guess. I feel alive in the art of business, and not because I am different. But because its so different….The way of thinking, the way of listening, the way of observing, the way of reading, the way of drawing, the way of writing and the most important is the way of doing it. Only the approaches are different…I am still what I am. I have come through this website. Cuz I thought it would be better to share my toy rather I go through some of the official porn website. Well, I am a thinker just like you. But not necessary that we think alike. For any doubt, please feel free to know more. I am 9841144055.

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